No deposit is due at this time.  Once you've submitted the form above I will contact you to discuss the current or planned litters.  

When you're ready to reserve a spot on a litter I will email you the deposit agreement which you will need to sign and mail back with your deposit of $300.  Please send your deposit via Priority Mail otherwise I may never receive it and I cannot reserve a spot until I have your deposit. 

ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE  but are transferrable to another litter.
3 year Genetic Health Guarantee
Microchip & 4 Wormings
10 day Healthy Puppy Guarantee
DNA proof of parentage

We do not sell breeding dogs, all puppies must be spayed or neutered.  Our Connemara Jack Russell Terrier puppies are placed in pet homes with spay/neuter contracts to families desiring a companion. We do not place our puppies in breeding homes so please don't ask.

Are you interested in a particular litter?
If yes, what litter?
Have you read our piece on puppy placement?
Have you ever owned a terrier before?
Are you willing to crate train your puppy?
Do you currently own any other pets, if so what?
Do you understand that we DO NOT dock tails OR remove dew claws?
Do you understand that if you ever need to place your puppy in another home you MUST return the puppy to Roundstone Terriers not a shelter, friend, family member or any other organization or person?
Do you have a fenced yard?
What coat type do you prefer?
Do you have a preference on color?  If yes, are you willing to sacrifice the color of your pup for the right temperament?  Please explain
You aware you willing to sign a Spay/Neuter contract?
Is anyone in your household allergic to pets?
Are you willing to search for an ADPT certified trainer to help with obedience and avoid harmful techniques?
What qualities are you looking for in a dog?
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Do you plan on taking your Jack Russell Terrier puppy to puppy class at 10 wks?

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Did you know:

English Jack Russell TerriersIrish Jack Russell TerriersShorty Jack RussellPuddin Jack Russell are all names for Jack Russell Terriers.  These names all refer to a dog longer than tall however the Connemara  hail from very different bloodlines.  Ours have the DNA test results to prove it!  The Connemara Terrier is a mild temperedgentle companion dog that makes a great family pet.

How many hours a day will your puppy be alone?
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English Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale
We are English Jack Russell Terrier Breeders
We are English Jack Russell Terrier Breeders and from time to time have English Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale.  Other names for Jack Russells include Irish Jack Russell Terriers and English Jack Russell Terriers.  What's important is the DNA and genetics behind the dogs as all these names simply refer to the Jack Russell Terrier.

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