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Around 4-5 months of age, your Jack Russell pup will start to get his permanent teeth. There a few things you can do to help ease the pain and control chewing.

1.  Use canned chicken or beef broth to make ice cubes and give to the puppy.

2.  Soak a face cloth in water, wring out and freeze. Roll up before freezing.

Sometimes their gums will bleed. This is to be expected. Your puppy will want to chew more during this time, but it may be too painful to do so (hence the suggestions above.) You probably won't find any of the teeth your puppy loses, as puppies typically swallow them.

*Interesting bit: When a Jack Russell Puppy is getting his back molars (around 6 months) sometimes they will have swelling that will cause their ears to go up!  Nine times out of ten, the ears will go back down after the molars come in.  On occasion, and to our disappointment, an ear will stay up ("Prick ear")  there is nothing wrong with your pup and he will be fine.  If you don't like the small "defect" - we can instruct you how to tape the ear down and re-train it.

Puppy Tips & Tricks
The first few days with your new Connemara Jack Russell Terrier puppy will be the most difficult for both of you.  Knowing this I've listed some information on this page to help you puppy proof your home and make it through this transition period with your new puppy. 
Some Supplies you'll need:

Wire Crate
Kong toy (great for teething)
Cheap towels
Pee Pads
Dog bowls that have rubber bottoms
Booda bones
Cow Hooves (stinky but long lasting)
Baby gates!
You'll want to feed your Jack Russell Puppy a mixture of kibble, ground chicken or beef with some Nupro supplement mixed in with water three times a day.  If you can't make that Noon time feeding, try finding a dog walker that can come in to feed and take your puppy outside for a break.  If you are using an Xpen setup with a pee pad, you may leave kibble and water with your puppy during the day.  If you are going to use a crate only, you would not want to leave food and water during the day unless the crate is Xlarge and you have room for a pee pad. 

Please remember to crate your puppy when you're not home and can't keep an eye on him/her or they will get into everything.  Contrary to popular belief, dogs adjust to crating very well and often times prefer to be in their crates to rest.

The first week of crate training is going to pull at your heart strings but you can  NOT give in!  Be strong and make your puppy deal with being alone....this is your first step to creating structure for him/her.  Putting the crate in an area of the house where they can see you like the living room or the kitchen will help your puppy feel safe and confident.  You could also give them something to chew on to take their mind off being separated as well as tire them out!

Your Jack Russell Puppy will settle quickly if you ALWAYS give him/her something to chew when put in the crate or Xpen (I prefer the Xpens for my puppies).  It keeps them busy and then they fall asleep!

I've always raised my puppies using an Xpen setup vs a crate only and I've NEVER given a puppy free run of any room in the house!  They should be 100% house trained and done teething before ever giving them this much  freedom.    Below is a picture of a typical setup I've used for each of my puppies.  It's worked out GREAT except for the plastic carrier you see in the photo.  It was chewed up within a few weeks!
Most of all be forgiving, they are puppies and know nothing about how you like to run your house.  They try very hard to please and they take correction well so please don't yell at your puppy as you will break their spirit.  Instead give a firm correction like "Oh No" or "Too Bad" and give them a time out in their crate.  Like human children, this can take many many times before they get it but they will.
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Kongs: stuff kongs with peanut butter, cheese and meat then throw in the freezer over night for a lasting treat in their crate when you can't be with them * keeps them occupied for hours!
Xtreme Kong: strong chewers
Regular Kong: average chewers
Cow hooves
Edible Bones
Breeding Old World Style Jack Russell Terriers
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Did you know:

English Jack Russell Terriers, Irish Jack Russell, Shorty Jack Russell, Puddin Jack Russell are all names for Jack Russell Terriers.  These names all refer to a dog longer than tall however the Connemara  hail from very different bloodlines.  Ours have the DNA test results to prove it!  The Connemara Terrier is a mild tempered, gentle companion dog that makes a great family pet.

English Jack Russell Terrier Breeder  |  English Jack Russell Terriers  |  English Jack Russell Terrier Puppies For Sale
English Jack Russell Terrier Breeder  |  English Jack Russell Terriers  |  English Jack Russell Terrier Puppies For Sale
English Jack Russell Terrier Breeder or Irish Jack Russell Terrier Breeder - what does that mean?

In general it refers to the area or region the Jack Russells originated from.  We are an Irish Jack Russell Terrier Breeder as our Jack Russell Terriers hail from old Irish bloodlines traced back to the 1800's.
We are English Jack Russell Terrier Breeders
We are English Jack Russell Terrier Breeders and from time to time have English Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale.  Other names for Jack Russells include Irish Jack Russell Terriers and English Jack Russell Terriers.  What's important is the DNA and genetics behind the dogs as all these names simply refer to the Jack Russell Terrier.