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This page was last updated: August 26, 2014
Phone:   603-624-2052
Located in New England

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Did you know:

English Jack Russell TerriersIrish Jack Russell TerriersShorty Jack RussellPuddin Jack Russell are all names for Jack Russell Terriers.  These names all refer to a dog longer than tall however the Connemara  hail from very different bloodlines.  Ours have the DNA test results to prove it!  The Connemara Terrier is a mild temperedgentle companion dog that makes a great family pet.

Connemara's Bigley Mouse
Bigley is one of our Irish Connemara Jack Russell Terriers.  She and her littermates are named after fallen U.S. soldiers so we kept her name as a tribute to our troops. 

She's small in stature and we don't expect her to get more than 10-12lbs.  She's sweet and sassy but at the same time calm and quiet, a perfect blend of everything a terrier should be. She has turned into such a wonderful dog, not a thing she doesn't like.

DNA disease markers cleared by parentage
Eyes - Passed the CERF
Hearing - Passed the BAER
Thyroid - Normal
Patella - Normal
PLL - Normal

Located in New Hampshire, USA     Phone: 603-867-3938  Email:
Edgar Allen Poe "Poe" is another one of our Irish Connemara Jack Russell Terriers that we kept back from Bigley's litter last year.  

She's is a nice size and well balanced at about 12lbs and is very sweet and loving always enjoying being held.  She has passed all of her health clearances and will have her first litter in 2016.

DNA disease markers cleared by parentage
Hearing - Passed the BAER
PLL - Normal

Additional Health testing completed:

We kept a puppy out of Bigley's last litter!