Connemara's Clarabelle of Bear Hill
Clarabelle is a Connemara Irish Jack Russell Terrier owned by some dear friends of ours and we are excited to have her as part of our breeding stock.  She and Brook are from Irish show lines which explains their exceptional beauty.  She's a very tiny Jack Russell and we don't expect her to get much bigger.

Clarabelle is obedient, intelligent playful and energetic.  She loves to play games and show off how smart she is.  Her favorite game is "find it".  

She is a wonderful companion as she likes to run and play outside, but settles down easily.  Her favorite place is on your lap giving kisses.  She is not fearful but very inquisitive and she doesn't like it when visitors do not show her attention.  Her head is usually held up high and her tail wagging.

This little Irish Jack Russell's favorite activities are meeting new people, new dogs, agility and hunting.  She loves taking a bath, riding in the car and swimming.  She is laid back, sweet and an all around even keeled dog that is calm and lovable.  

Clarabelle is having her last litter with us in 2015 and will retire with her family.  We will be keeping a stud out of this litter to carry on her lineage.  

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We typically take between 4-5 reservations per litter of  Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale and if we have more puppies than expected, we will certainly open up the reservation list.   I will contact you once you've submitted the reservation questionnaire.  At that time I will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.   You do NOT have to place a deposit until you decide to be added to a reservation list for a particular litter of  Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale.  

Once the litter is born you will be updated each week as the litter progresses by a mix of editorials, videos and photos.  Temperament testing is done on the 7th week and once this is done you will receive a phone call to make your pick in the order the deposits are received.  

If you feel none of these pups suit your needs your deposit is transferable to another litter of  Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale but your spot on the litter may change.  

Please see our RESERVATION page to complete the questionnaire and get things started.  
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Roundstone Jack Russell Terrier
Did you know:

English Jack Russell TerrierIrish Jack Russell TerrierShorty Jack RussellPuddin Jack Russell are all names for Jack Russell Terriers.  These names all refer to a dog longer than tall however the Connemara  hail from very different bloodlines.  Ours have the DNA test results to prove it!  The Connemara Terrier is a mild temperedgentle companion dog that makes a great family pet.

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Eyes - passed the CERF test
Hearing - passed the BAER test 
Patella - OFA registered normal
PLL - OFA registered normal
Thyroid - OFA registered normal
DNA disease markers cleared by parentage
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